September 26, 2011

This evening I have interesting conversation with Mr. P and I keep thinking about it until now.

Do you believe in heaven?

I was surprise with my own answer, until I was asked about it. I don’t believe there’s heaven and hell. I do believe Moksa concept, when in the very very end, we’ll unite again with our Creator. But I’m not sure we’ll arrive in one of heaven or hell. I don’t know why, but I think this concept is not match with my belief of the afterlife.

First, I do believe in reincarnation. So if I’m doing good in this life, I’ll reincarnate again into a better person in my next life. I believe I’ll keep doing this process until I have no more bad things in my life, then unite with Him, to get Moksa. If I can go to heaven after I die, or hell, I don’t know when I’ll be able to reach Moksa.

Second, I don’t know where’s the limit, or the specification, of good people who will go to heaven and bad people who will go to hell. What I believe, this world will always be in balance. There’s good and bad, live and death, natal and mortal, etc. So, I just can’t get how our attitude will be calculated after we die, to decide where we should go. Maybe there’s the calculation in other religion than mine, I don’t know either. But if we only do the good things hoping for the reward from Him, is it still count as a good thing?

In my opinion, the reward is not coming from Him. I do believe in Karma, action and reaction, so what we get now, is the result of what we’ve done in the past time. Being a good people, doing good things, is never wrong, because that is what we’ll get in the future, the effect of our actions. If we do the good things only hope for the reward, I think it’s still count as dishonesty.

Okay, this is my thoughts, and my belief about the afterlife. I’m sure that there are a lot of other opinions than this and we will never know what will happen until the time is. So let’s prepare ourselves and soul with good things and honesty 🙂


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